Edimax BR-6104K


      Pe "surse" am aflat ca din router se poate face server

      Edimax  router with adm5120 processor, 16MB of RAM and 2MB of flash.

BR6104KP The BR6104KP is the same as the BR6104K but has two USB 1.1 master ports that can be used to connect a printer and use it as a print server.

Also you can use USB Flash disk for root filesystem (needed patch  for usb root device). With this patch it is possible to boot with the root filesystem on a USB (or other hotplug) harddisk. Normally this doesn't work because USB devices are detectly asynchronously (from a kernel thread). At the time a USB harddisk is discovered, the root mounting code has already given up. With this patch the kernel will wait forever until the root device appears. It's against 2.4.14-pre8. It's been reported that this patch doesn't work if you enable devfs! Kernel  patches  for Linux. Robert Collins updated the patch for 2.4.22: boot-usb.patch. Thanks!

There's another  update  at  simonf.com  describes how to do it with an initrd image instead. has a kernel patch  for 2.6.x.

External links

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* Edimax BR-6104K / Sweex LB000021  Forum 
* Edimax BR6104 overview Flash format,  Serial  console, e.t.c. (Cyrillic!)
* How to  add USB  by Jeroen Domburg
* Boot from USB  Flash Device by Jeroen Domburg
* The german Magazine elektor did publish an Article about   hacking the SWEEX-Router
* English page on the Elektor SWEEX-Router project 
*  Midge  is a linux OpenWRT-like mini-distribution for ADM5120 based routers, BR-6104K
*  AMiLDA  is a user-friendly distribution that supports the BR-6104K(p) and others .... nu are treaba cu usb
* A straightforward guide to getting a 2.6 kernel up and running using  buildroot  .... fara usb
*  Squidge  - a Linux distribution for the electronics enthusiast The included software is aimed at electronics/home automation enthusiasts.
* GPIO Information on controlling GPIO pins.
* 1-wire Add a 1-wire bus master on a LED pin.
* MMC Add an MMC card.
* Pencam Webcam project.
* A cheap  source  for a BR-6104KP board with programming header

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